The following are people who have expressed interest in umpiring for the summer of 2013 or 2014.  Some umpires might only be interested in the 3rd & 4th Grade and 5th & 6th Grade Divisions.  If you contact them, please mention you got their name from the Web Page.  Also, if you know of others who might be interested, please e-mail the names to me and I will add them to the list.  Note: the IBL does not certify umpires.  The names listed below have contacted me and asked to be listed.  We make no claim as to the quality, experience or even age of these umpires.  Thanks.  

Fred Abraham f.abraham@uni.edu

Travis Fleshner 2014 319-269-7736 t_fleshner@union.k12.ia.us
Matt Ohrt 2014 319-415-9652 mattohrt21@yahoo.com
Chris Pierce 2014 319-290-8654 cpierce@cfu.net
Jeff Stocker 2014 952-381-7326 stockerjeff81@yahoo.com
Charlie Murphy 2014 319-329-1543 murphc8988@gmail.com
Phillip I'De 2013 320-510-2517
Barry Schintler 2013 schintlb@uni.edu
Derek Smith 2013 319-504-9683 drsmith@uni.edu
Danny Watters 2013 319-290-7993 wattersdanny7@yahoo.com
Colton  Rathe 2013 319-215-6848 colton-rathe@uiowa.edu
David Peters 2013 319-290-6031 david.peters@student.indwes.edu
Craig Patterson    2013 231-9382 clpatterson@cfu.net

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