The goal of the Iowa Baseball League (IBL) is to help young players develop baseball skills and an appreciation of the game of baseball.


All players in the IBL should:

1. Have fun playing baseball.
2. Have ample opportunity to improve their baseball skills under competitive, game conditions.
3. Develop an appreciation of the game of baseball.
4. Increase self-esteem through the successful accomplishment of tasks in a competitive environment.
5. Learn good sportsmanship.


The IBL exists to provide a vehicle for all players to accomplish the IBL goal. Even though the IBL is a competitive league, the IBL does not believe in a win-at-all-costs nor a "winning is everything" approach. Players at our grade levels are too young to develop that attitude. While winning is  more fun than losing, participation and challenges are ALWAYS fun. The egos of coaches and parents should NEVER be placed above the well-being of the players.

All players, coaches and fans are respectful and considerate of all participants and never "trash-talk" or badger other teams, nor berate or argue with umpires. Players should strive to do their best at all times within the boundaries of baseball rules and good sportsmanship.

Baseball is an exciting and demanding sport. The IBL wants all players to fully enjoy it.

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