The IBL does not form teams.  Rather, we schedule games, keep results and run the League tournament for teams that are already formed.

If a player is not on a team but wishes to play in the IBL, it is usually not too difficult to find a team.  It may take a little searching, however since the process is "word of mouth."  And it is never too early to start.  Most teams begin thinking about next year right after this season is over!  A good place to start is in the local neighborhood, school or church since many teams are formed that way.  A player should ask his friends and classmates and parents should check with other parents.

An organizational meeting is held at the end of January for managers of teams who wish to join the league.  Many times, managers will not have a complete team but know that they can find players to round out their roster.  Contact Fred Abraham at and he will send you a list of names of managers in the appropriate age group who attended the organizational meeting or refer you to the Division Coordinator to get on a waiting list.  But don't rely on others; be aggressive in finding a team for your player!

Another source of leads is in the local rec program in your community.  Many boys play in both the IBL and rec and can usually suggest teams to contact.

The IBL web page contains names and phone numbers of all managers in all 3 divisions.  Contacting each of them can sometimes locate a spot or at least find a lead.

A frequent way to find a team is to form one.  A large number of teams have come into being because parents saw a need and were willing to fill it.  Once a parent is willing to step forward and take the responsibility for managing a team, they usually have no trouble at all quickly filling out a roster.  For more information on starting a team go to Starting a team.

The IBL exists to provide a fun baseball learning experience for young players.  We want everyone to participate!

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