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IBL Liability Insurance
Limit of $1,000,000

Third Party/Spectator Liability Coverage is provided for the Iowa Baseball League 1994, Inc.(IBL), its teams, sponsors, officers, directors, managers, coaches, umpires and other managing personnel and auxiliaries while acting on behalf of the league or one or more of its teams. Coverage is provided against negligence arising out of the operation of the sports program including:  

1. Activities necessary or incidental to the conduct of practice, exhibition, regular season and post season games.
2. Consumption or use of food or other products
3. Year around activities such as fund raising and award banquets, subject to the Insurance Company’s approval.
4. Liability assumed under contract.
5. Libel and defamation of character.
6. False arrest and wrongful eviction
7. Invasion of privacy.
8. Cost of investigation and defense of claims even if groundless.
9. Fire legal ($300,000 max.)
10. Abuse and molestation
11. Hired and non-owned auto.

The policy protects the IBL and its people against lawsuits alleging injury to a spectator or player. This policy provides an attorney for your defense and will pay up to the policy limit in the event of settlement or jury verdict.

General Liability coverage is provided the organization, its officers, directors, all volunteers, players, coaches, managers, scorekeepers, concession workers, field maintenance workers. Coverage is provided for all sanctioned and adult supervised tryouts, practices, games, tournaments and outings.

The IBL does not provide medical coverage.

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